Bonus program

Bonus funds are offered for limited time period, conditions for bonus crediting may be changed on the site of Cryptobo company. A client of the company has a right to get acquainted with peculiarities of each Bonus. By applying for Bonus crediting, a client confirms that he fully understands how this program works, as well as gives his consent for possible changes of the Bonus program in the future.

Bonus program is applied optionally, a client has a right to refuse from Bonuses offered by the company. In case a client has refused from participation in the Bonus program, then these conditions are not mandatory for him.

If a client who has applied for the “Welcome Bonus” intents to withdraw the profit gained under this bonus program, he undertakes to comply with the trading volume requirement to work off the Bonus in full amount after its crediting.

Below are listed the necessary requirements for working off the Bonuses:

(Sume of deposit + sume of bonus) * 10 times


The trader made a deposit of 0.1 BTC. Has received a bonus, in the amount of 0.01 BTC. So, it turns out- (0.1 + 0.01) * 10 = 1.1 BTC it is necessary to make a turnover on deals.

A client can withdraw funds from his trading account any time or close the trading account, however, the bonus and profit of the trading account in such case will be cancelled. The amount of Bonus funds will be deducted from the amount of deposit account.

Cryptobo company reserves the right to block the client's account in case of suspicion of any fraudulent activity or dishonest trading.

We recommend our clients to request Bonus funds crediting to trading accounts in relation to the fact that Bonus funds simplify trading and improve the condition of client's trading account. We also advise our traders to monitor the condition of their trading accounts attentively and operate prudently with their funds.